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Stock Market is a place where "SHARES" of public listed companies are traded. Share office is a company where they analyst  the daily stock exchange news and they provide proper awareness about longterm investment. Share office in Namakkal is a  cost-effective stockbroking and demat services, knows the value of money and helps the client to shape their investment. 

   I will give you a brief explanation about Shares, Types of Share market. The Share is a term which describes the ownership  certificate of any company. For Example, if a person says that he buys a share, then the next question will be which  company?. The Share market is a collection of buyers and sellers. There are many trade companies in the world. These  companies stock will be listed on the exchange then the investors can buy or sell that stocks. There are two types of share  market. The investors will create the securities directly from companies is called primary market and the investors trade  securities among themselves called secondary market.

  Price of a share depends on demand and supply. If a people want to buy a stock(demand) and the quantity of the particular  stock is less(supply) then the price will increase. If the demand is less and the supply is more then the price would fall.  Likewise, depends on demand and supply the price of the company's shares varies in the market.
   IPO means "Initial Public Offering" that is the stock of a private company is offering to the public for the first time.  It may be a small or young company seeking capital to expand. This process comes under primary market. After issue, the value  of the current stock is called secondary market. If you plan to buy shares of IPO then register to your stockbroker. Share  office in Namakkal will get a suggestion from investment analyst about the particular company and provide you a expert  investment advice to increase your asset.

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