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Let us discuss Quantitative Analysis. Analysing the shares, stocks of an organization. Every organization consists of  three statements. They are Income statement, Balance statement and cash flow statement. Income statement defines the income  and expenses spend in an organization. Balance statement deals with assets, properties, and loans in the company. Cash  statement states how an organization earning the money. There are two divisions in quantitative analysis. One is you can  directly meet the criteria for investors. Another is deeply analyzing the shares and growth rate. You can calculate the P.E  by differentiating the cost of stock market and E.P.S. 

For instance, When you are buying the shares at a cost of Rs.100. If the cost of E.P.S in last year is 25, then the cost  of E.P for that particular organization is 4.  P.E will be less for the smaller organization and will be more for the larger  organization. If an organization runs their management in the right way then their E.P will be high when compared to an  management who are doing some cross pathways. 

You may have a question what will be our Countries Situation in future? Don't worry for the next 15 years India has a good  growth in share market.  Investors can get the huge return on their investments. The growth of the stock market increases  only if the profit for the business rises. A lot of larger organization will start their business in India. Most of the  company will invest in that organization in order to expand their business. Simply I can say you that the growth of the stock  market will increase in future. Investors get ready to invest in the stock market with the guidance of Share broker in Karur  and get the huge returns. Because you can't start your investment in the stock market by yourself. You need an experienced  broker. MkPrabhagharan is the founder of KKP capital which is situated in Karur. He is the NO.1 Share broker in karur and if you are  interested to contact him via "".

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